Posi-Loc™ True Position® Retainers with & without Backing Plates
Posi-Loc True Position Retainer
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Posi-Loc™ True Position® retainers guarantee true dimensional accuracy.

Dayton's Posi-Loc™ Positive Locking Mechanism is designed to eliminate "ball bouncing" in retainers. Bouncing can occur in ball lock retainers because of the impact generated from the new high strength steels—even when heavy-duty springs are used. The bounce typically does not affect the stamping operation at normal levels. However, in high-demand punching—especially when high strength, lighter weight steels are used—bouncing can have a negative effect on punching accuracy and tool life. The Dayton Posi-Loc™ locking feature is a modification to existing Dayton True Position® Retainers. It prevents the bounce with the help of an adjustable angled setscrew to create a positive lock against the punch by "locking" the retainer ball in position. Dayton Ball Lock Retainers with the Posi-Loc™ feature also allow punch replacement without disassembly of the die, thus making tool changeover quick and easy.

backing plugBacking Plugs

The hardened backing plug acts as a head on the punch much like press fit punches, but actually produces more support for the load than a press fit punch of the same size. The backing plug is precision ground with the in-line dowel accurately located on the centerline of the punch.

backing plateBacking Plates

The hardened backing plate has the same function as the backing plug. That is to prevent the punch from sinking into the upper die on impact. Backing plates spread the load over a larger area for very demanding applications where extreme pressures are being exerted and you are looking for extra insurance to minimize sinking into the upper die.

Ordering Information

Retainer sets include:

  • Ball
  • Spring
  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • Ball Release Set Screw
  • Posi-Loc Screw

How to Order
Specify: Quantity Code D
Example: 23 HRTBL 37
13 BRTL 25



Back PlugBack PlateCodeDABGKRSUXYScrew Size
HRTLHRTBL37.37501.751.72.438.750.38.471.060.354.295 5/16-18
HRTLHRTBL50.50002.001.97.562.750.50.601.180.472.256 3/8-16
HRTLHRTBL62.62502.122.09.625.750.56.661.250.532.236 3/8-16
HRTLHRTBL75.75002.382.34.688.750.69.791.320.650.197 3/8-16
HRTLHRTBL87.87502.502.47.688.750.75.851.400.728.197 3/8-16
HRTLHRTBL1001.00002.752.72.781.938.88.971.600.866.276 1/2-13
HRTLHRTBL1251.25002.752.72.781.938.88.971.600.866.276 1/2-13



Back PlugBack PlateCodeDABGKRSUXYScrew Size

BRTBL conforms to the NAAMS™ Standard for Ball Lock Punch Retainers.

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