Form Punches

Form punches37 New Point Configurations for Round Punches

Dayton Progress is now offering a full line of "standard" form punches that offer a wide range of piercing and extruding applications. These 37 new point configurations are available on all Dayton Progress round punches - Versatile, Kommercial, Ball Lock, TuffPunch®, and VersaPlus®. Instead of ordering as “specials,” these new form punches can be ordered with a simple “W” designator. (See "Ordering Information" inside.) No drawings are required.

Form Punch brochureThe Shape of Things to Come

Dayton Progress now offers a full line of "standard" Form Punches that provide a wide range of piercing and forming applications.

Available on all Dayton Progress round punches, these 35 new point configurations are ideal for users with high-demand applications—and are easy to order. Instead of ordering as specials, requiring point configuration drawings, all Form Punches can be ordered with a simple "W" designator.

Dayton Progress Form Punches are available on Versatile, Kommercial, Ball Lock, TuffPunch®, and VersaPlus® round punches, i.e., those designated as standard "X" shaped punches, as shown in Dayton product catalogs.

Product Applications

Form Punches are punches with specially-built point configurations that are designed to perform a variety of punch and die operations, including: extruding, countersinking, embossing, coining, dimpling, staking, drawing, and projecting. (See product pages for additional information on definitions, processes, and individual shapes.)

Manufacturing applications are virtually unlimited. All industries served by metal stamping have a need for non-cutting punches, i.e., punches that move metal without producing a slug.

The shapes shown inside are standard, but are not the only shapes Dayton provides. Others are available with a detailed drawing attached to the order.

No Drawings Required

All 37 point configurations shown is this brochure are "standard" configurations, and require NO detailed drawing(s) of the point. This makes product specifying and ordering easier and faster!

Ordering Information

When ordering, please refer to your individual product catalog, then change the "X" designator to a "W." In addition, specify other dimensions, as shown in the example below. Specify alterations, if applicable.

In the example, the type specified is "VPW." The "VP" is from the Versatile inch catalog. "X" would typically be the third letter for a round punch. It is replaced by a "W" for Form Punch.

37 is the shank diameter; 1322 is the shank and overall length; and 2.235 is the "LA" dimension. P.1875 is the point dimension of the product, and PP.125 is the point dimension of the added point. Also, include additional dimensions, which vary from point to point.

Form Punches are available on standard punch blanks (except D2) as shown in the individual Dayton product catalogs. Form Punches other than those are available as specials: Drawings (prints) are required.

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