MaxLife Die Springs

MaxLife Die SpringsDayton MaxLife die springs offer a selection of hundreds of different springs in a full range of diameters and lengths to meet your needs. Our die springs are manufactured from pre-tempered chrome silicon wire produced from specially prepared valve spring quality rod. This provides improved dimensional accuracy and minimizes performance robbing stress points.

All Dayton MaxLife Die springs are designed to meet or exceed technical specifications and other criteria as established by industry guidelines. Designated springs are manufactured to meet or exceed the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and/or Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

  • Longer Spring Life - significantly out performs other major brands.
  • Greater Consistency - Each spring will be the same as the one produced before it.
  • Higher Quality - Your are assured that your spring will perform as expected.
  • Immediate Availability - Dayton's Firm Delivery Schedule means that the springs you need will be shipped to you within one day after receiving your order.

Inch Springs

  • Medium Pressure, Blue Stripe, M

  • Medium Heavy Pressure, Red Stripe, MH
  • Heavy Pressue, Yellow Stripe, H
  • Extra Heavy Pressure, Green Stripe, EH

Inch Springs—ISO Colors

  • Light Duty, Green, DLD
  • Medium Duty, Blue, DMD
  • Heavy Duty, Red, DHD
  • Extra Heavy Duty, Yellow, DED

Metric Springs—ISO

  • Light Duty, Green, LD
  • Medium Duty, Blue, MD
  • Heavy Duty, Red, HD
  • Extra Heavy Duty, Yellow, ED

Metric Springs—JIS

  • Extra Light Load, Yellow, DP91
  • Light Load, Blue, DP92
  • Medium Load, Red, DP93
  • Heavy Load, Green, DP94
  • Extra Heavy Load, Brown, DP95


Tolerance Data

Standard Die Springs

Spring Tolerance                    
OD: 0 to -.015
ID: 0 to +.015

Load: +/-10%

Free Length:   
0-5": 0 to +.09
5-8": 0 to +.12
8-10": 0 to +.19
10-12": 0 to +.25

Squareness: 3º max.


JIS Standard B5012

Spring Tolerance
OD: -0.7mm +0.1mm
ID: +0.1mm +0.7mm

Free Length:
below 50mm: +/-0.5mm
over 55mm: +/-1%

Load: +/-10%


ISO Standard 10243

Spring Tolerance
OD: H15
ID: h15

Free Length:
25-64: +/-3%
76-115: +/-2.5%
127-305: +/-2%

Load: +/-10%


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